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🚀 Advanced system for customer relationship management. CRM

All the necessary tools to build a strong relationship with your customers

Our system is considered the best place to organize how you interact with your customers in an innovative and effective way.

With the ability to track and understand customer details, analyze their behavior, and discover their needs and interests accurately.

This helps you provide a unique experience for each customer and thus enhance customer loyalty and increase growth opportunities.

Ways to collect all Potential clients In one place

1- Upload your customer list

Upload files containing your customer data and the system will organize them for you.

2- Automatically through a form

Create a form and request data from your customers, and the requests will be automatically sent to your CRM system.

Coming soon - Under development

3- Through Facebook ads

Create your ads on Facebook and leave data collection to us...

Coming soon - Under development

4- Through WhatsApp chats

We will automatically record all new conversations with customers and add them to the system.

Coming soon - Under development

Get closer to your customer

Make communication with your customers easier and more effective than ever.

Creative and easy statuses

Through Konnectly's case management systems, we ensure clear and simple interactions with customers, enhancing service quality and offering a tailored and streamlined experience.

Easy and clear filters

Using clear filters in Konnectly, easily sort and refine data for a seamless experience. Whether finding interested customers or managing follow-ups and agreements, our focus is on your time and efficiency.

Track your customer's status throughout your communication with them

With comment threads, effortlessly document the communication evolution with clients. Add sequential comments and notes based on dates to track workflow accurately and ensure a smooth interaction history.

Made to fit everyone

Carefully designed to cater to diverse needs, it features a user-friendly interface, making it the perfect solution for your company, regardless of your industry or size. Its flexibility allows you to customize it precisely to meet your expectations.

Statistics about The employees To evaluate performance

Quick access to daily follow-up

Employees will be able to access and follow up with their clients more easily than ever before.

Quick statistics about employee performance

Get clear details about the daily performance of your employees.

Monthly commission report

Calculate individual commission for each employee at the rate specified by the company.

Discover how efficient you are with the right features of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Enhance your business context by taking an extra step using the benefits of the CRM system that helps you automate recurring tasks, focus on customer communication, and organize your data in one place.

Discover the most powerful features of Konnectly for excelling in managing your business

Smart employee system with WhatsApp integration.

Konnectly's smart employee system represents a qualitative leap and an innovative idea.
You only need to create a smart employee based on a specific job description, and then this smart employee takes care of responding to inquiries and requests.
What makes it even more amazing is the ability to connect it with WhatsApp, allowing the smart employee to interact and respond to customers through WhatsApp.
This integration makes it easier for customers to interact with the company and get accurate and effective responses faster.

Easily send bulk WhatsApp messages.

Konnectly doesn't just send bulk WhatsApp messages; it introduces a real breakthrough in how you communicate with your customers.
Now you can send bulk WhatsApp messages to customers based on the data in your CRM system.
This means you can easily and effectively communicate with a specific segment of your customers.
Regardless of the purpose of the message - whether it's new advertisements, important updates, or special offers - you'll be able to easily deliver your messages through the WhatsApp platform.

Artificial intelligence tools for companies

When technological advancement meets business needs, Konnectly's artificial intelligence tools break barriers and open new horizons for innovation and efficiency.
You can expect artificial intelligence to help you prepare your company's plans, marketing campaigns, content strategies, human resources systems, financial plans, and much more.

Easily send emails to your customers.

With Konnectly, communicating with your customers is simplified by easily and effectively sending emails.
With a simple and user-friendly interface, you can create and design fully customized email messages according to your needs.
Whether you're looking for engaging marketing ads or sending important updates, Konnectly's tools meet your expectations.
And with the ability to target email recipients based on customized criteria, your messages will reach the exact audience.
This ensures delivering the right content to the right person, increasing the effectiveness and impact of your messages.
Don't waste your time managing communication details. Rely on Konnectly to send emails easily and professionally, and connect with your customers in a way that reflects your professionalism and seamlessly meets your business needs.


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